The TreasureGenerator

This software can generate random treasures for the DnD v3.5 role-playing game. It follows the rules for random treasure generation specified in the dungeon masters guide. The TreasureGenerator rolls treasures exactly in the same way as you would do it manually.

How it works

Currently, you can generate treasures from levels 1 - 20 including all types of coins, gems, art, mundane and magic items. Not included are special materials, cursed items and itelligent items. If you need that functionality, or otherwise want to help to improve the program, you're welcome.. see how to help for more details.

As mentioned, the software follows the same process of rolling a treasure as a human would do, just faster. The largest part of the program is the data from the tables for random treasure generation copied from the SRD. As the program is quite independent on that data, it is possible to provide other data and generate treasures according to the new data (for example, we could easily use this tool to generated DnD v3.0 treasures).


Go to There you will find the latest file releases. Download the newest version, unzip it and see the included readme.txt how to install and use it.

To use it, you need to have Java 1.4 or higher installed. The treasure generator was developed and tested with Windows XP, but should work on other operating systems, too.