You want to help in the development of the TreasureGenerator?

It is developed by volunteers, you are welcome to help. Below is a list of requirements, together with a description of the open tasks you can do if you fulfil the requirements.

Requirements Possible tasks
You use the TreasureGenerator Report bugs, comments or feature requests in the project page or by email to the project leader.
You can read :-)
You have access to the DnD 3.5 SRD.
You use the TreasureGenerator.
Check the TreasureTable.xml document for typing errors.
The TreasureTables.xml file contains all the data required for treasure generation, the program itself is based on this data. Wrong data causes treasures that are not generated with correct probabilities. Therefore it is essential that this data is correct.

More detailed: the TreasureTables.xml file is in the config directory where you installed the treasure generator, or in cvs (see project page). Open that file (internet explorer does) and read the initial documentation. Randomly(!) choose a table. Then, compare the contents of the table with the contents of the according table in the SRD. Report the following information to the project leader: all tables you have checked (even if there have not been any errors) and any errors you have found together with the correct value.
You are a skilled java developer. There are several open tasks, for example improving the GUI, or adding functionality for special materials, cursed items, etc. Check with the project leader to join the development team.
You want to generate other random treasures (for example DnD v3.0).
You have access to the according data (DnD 3.0 SRD).
Write the TreasureData.xml with the according data. See second task above. Use the TreasureData.xml of v3.5 as example. Submit your results such that it can also be used by other people. For questions how to do it, ask the project leader.

On the project page, you will find information how to contact the project administrator.

Note that, though the data in the SRD and DMG is the same, for copyright reasons you must copy it from the SRD, not from the DMG!